Foods to Avoid When Banting

What is Banting?

Banting is a low-carbohydrate, high-fat weight-reduction plan, named after William Banting, the primary person to do it. It’s been made widespread by Professor Tim Noakes in his e-book The Actual Meal Revolution. The thought is that this manner of consuming makes your physique swap from burning carbs for power to burning fats. The Banting weight-reduction plan has gained enormous reputation lately because of important success many individuals have had consuming this manner.

The Banting Diet weight loss diet is a very effective way of losing weight. Nevertheless, it is restrictive. There are a lot of foods you can eat and many more that you should avoid.

Here the Foods you should avoid when Banting:

Sugars, Grains and Baked Items: There are a lot of grains, sugars and baked items that you’ll need to avoid when banting. Consuming these basically breaks your banting diet. Bread, rice, pasta and other foods of this kind must be avoided. Also make sure to avoid sugar, sweets and grains. We all know that these are delicious but they are a setback.


Most of Beverages: You should also look deeper into the beverages that you consume. It is best to avoid any beer, soda or diet drinks which contain sweeteners when banting. You should also try to stay away from fruit juices. These foods are full of carbs and they’ll really affect your diet.

Ice Cream: We all like having an ice cream every so often, of-course it’s delicious. But unfortunately, this is one of the foods you need to remove from your banting diet. According research, ice cream can contain some grams of carbs. Therefore, Ice cream is not a good banting food.

Fast Foods: Yes, it’s true that fast food is convenient. Unfortunately, you need to need to eliminate from your diet. Almost all fast foods are high in carbs. So, you need to stop eating fast food when banting.

Some of the Vegetables: I know we all believe that vegetables are healthy. While they are, some may not be suitable for the banting diet. This refers to vegetables that contain a significant amount of carbs. To avoid breaking your banting diet, avoid white potatoes, peas, beetroots, and legumes. According to research, these foods contain too many carbs.

Some Oils: Some oils are also high in carbs. Seed oils and many vegetables oils contain too much carbs for someone who is on banting weight loss diet plan. You need to avoid sunflower, canola, corn oils. Vegetable oils with high omega-6 content should be avoided as-well.


Peanuts: Since you’re avoiding carbs when banting, then you should stay from peanuts always. Research has shown that a cup of peanuts contains 31 grams of carbohydrates. This high amount of carbs is not good for a banting diet.

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  1. So, it states no baked items?! What if you make from scratch a bread made of eggs & almond or coconut flours?

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