1/2 oz unsweetened baking chocolate (OR a very dark chocolate, at least 80%)
1 tsp granulated sugar substitute (omit if using a dark/sweetened chocolate)
2-4 tbsp heavy cream

Finely chop chocolate and place in heatproof bowl.

Add sweetener to cream and heat until close to boiling (30-45 seconds in the microwave should do the trick since it’s such a small amount) and sweetener is totally dissolved.

Pour 2 tbsp of the cream mixture over chopped chocolate.

Let stand for 2-3 minutes then gently stir with a spatula until chocolate is fully melted and incorporated. Add more cream if the ganache is too thick or looks lumpy.

Let cool for 10 minutes stirring occasionally.



127 cal per cookie
10.6g Total Fat
4.1g Net Carbs
5.4g Total Carbs
1.3g Fiber
1g Sugar
3.7g Protein

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