Head of cauliflower.

Equal parts broccoli.

2 red pepper.

Green onions.

Jar of peperoncinis.

1 can of Black Olives.

2 8 oz blocks of cheese (whichever you like) cubed.

1 8 oz bag of sliced pepperoni (I cut in half).

Green onions (to your liking).

I had 3 small cucumbers that I threw in.

1 jar of Olive garden Italian dressing.

Grated Parm cheese

Cayenne pepper.

Garlic powder.

Onion powder.

Cracked black pepper.

I dont know net carbs, I don’t have EXACT measurements.

This was kind of my own version of a recipe I saw on here earlier. Feel free to mix it up and make changes…

All I know is, it’s absolutely awesome.

All veggies are raw.

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