Keto Chocolate Chip Cake

This straightforward, delicious keto chocolate chip cake is that the best sweet treat you’ll ever make! With simply a handful of ingredients and a few minutes of labor, you’ll have a yummy keto chocolate chip cake that’s to die for! I’m near to say it: not all cake wants ice. wish proof? Look no further! This cake is wet enough, and also the chocolate chips are ok, that no ice is necessary!

We hear identical issue from with reference to everybody doing keto or an occasional carb diet: “What am I presupposed to eat for breakfast once I get bored with eggs?!” If this is often you, we are able to facilitate. This chocolate chip cake is the breakfast of champions. truth check it.

Keto Chocolate Chip Cake Recipe:


1.Mix together 1 Egg, 15g Cookies & Cream MCT Collagen Powder, 15g Coconut Oil, 17g Crushed

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie or Diced Chocolate 🥣

3. Pour mixture into silicon mold & Cook for 11mins on 180° in Air Fryer or preheated Oven ♨️

4. Serve Warm & sprinkle with 5g Cookie or Diced Chocolate 🍫


Use any flavor Protein, Collagen or MCT Powder
✦ Use Ghee or Butter as an alternative to Coconut Oil

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