50 gr of almond flour
80 gr of keto flour
1/3 bks of shutters
Diabetes sol 2 sachet
egg yellow 2
just enough baking powder
warm water kurleb nails 70ml
Butter 30gr
fermented tomato sauce
toppings of bacon & olives
Just enough oregano
Carb :
– Mix with warm water + diabetasol + and fermipan (keep it in the lekmbab place for 10 minutes until it bubbles)
– Mix all dry ingredients in one basin, insert
liquid fermipan, room temperature butter, egg yolk. Stir with gloves until the ankles are not sticky anymore in the basin.
– Heat the oven 150 celsius low flame.
– Round the dough and keep it in a moist place for 30 minutes.
– Make the sauce: mix oregano, keto tomato sauce stir evenly
– Grind the dough that has rested up to 1cm high
– Grease sauce, sprinkle mozzarella.
– rest another 5-10 mins
– Bake for 30 minutes.
(for console phase: 4-8 pcs / kl induction all full keto flour)

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