These keto coconut macaroons dipped in dark chocolate are so light and delicious. They are the perfect treat for the festive season! Although they are not as chewy as regular coconut macaroons, they are absolutely divine. Toasting the coconut is optional but highly recommended. Just a few minutes in the oven will enhance the flavour.

I kept these macaroons simple by omitting the traditionally used condensed milk – which gives it the chewy texture – but if you prefer them chewy, try adding 1/2 to 3/4 cup of my keto & paleo condensed milk and skip the sweetener (you may need more shredded coconut too just to compensate for the extra moisture).

Hands-on  Overall 

Nutritional values (per macaroon)

Total Carbs 3.3 grams
Fiber 1.8 grams
Net Carbs 1.5 grams
Protein 2.9 grams
Fat 3.6 grams
of which Saturated 2.3 grams
Calories 59 kcal
Magnesium 16 mg (4% RDA)
Potassium 76 mg (4% EMR)

Macronutrient ratio: Calories from carbs (12%), protein (23%), fat (65%)

Ingredients (makes 22-24 macaroons)

Note: Sweetener can be used to taste. Here’s a list of suitable low-carb sweeteners.

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