Mini Chicken Pot Pies Weight Watchers: Bite-Sized Comfort with Smart Points


Savor the comfort of a classic dish in a miniature form with our Mini Chicken Pot Pies Weight Watchers edition. These bite-sized delights not only bring the warmth of chicken pot pie but also align seamlessly with the smart points philosophy, offering a comforting and portion-controlled twist to a beloved comfort food.

Smart Ingredient Choices

Our Mini Chicken Pot Pies are crafted with smart ingredient choices to create a satisfying yet low-point meal. Utilize ingredients like lean chicken, a mix of colorful veggies, and a flaky crust to strike the perfect balance between indulgence and health-consciousness.

Lean Chicken Protein

Choose lean chicken as the protein foundation for your mini pies. This smart choice ensures a hearty and filling filling without excess calories, making it an ideal fit for your Weight Watchers lifestyle.

Veggie Medley Nutrients

Incorporate a medley of colorful veggies, such as carrots, peas, and corn, for a nutrient-rich filling. This choice not only adds a delightful texture to your pot pies but also introduces essential vitamins and minerals, contributing to a well-rounded and health-conscious dish.

Flaky Crust Perfection

Create a flaky crust using smart ingredient choices. Opt for whole wheat flour or a light puff pastry to maintain the classic pot pie experience while keeping your mini versions within your daily SmartPoints allowance.

Pot Pie Assembly Brilliance

Assemble your mini pot pies with precision, ensuring an even distribution of chicken and veggies in each bite. The assembly brilliance guarantees that every mini pie is a flavorful and comforting experience, reminiscent of the classic dish.

Smart Portion Control

Serve your Mini Chicken Pot Pies in reasonable portions to practice smart portion control. This approach allows you to enjoy the warmth and goodness of pot pie flavors without exceeding your daily SmartPoints.

Serving Suggestions

Pair your mini pies with a side salad or steamed veggies for a well-rounded meal. Whether enjoyed as a delightful appetizer for a gathering or a comforting dinner option, these Weight Watchers Mini Chicken Pot Pies bring the joy of a classic dish in a health-conscious and delicious manner.

Conclusion: Comfort in Every Bite

In conclusion, Mini Chicken Pot Pies Weight Watchers edition offers comfort in every bite without compromising your wellness journey. With lean chicken protein, veggie medley nutrients, and a commitment to smart points, these mini pies invite you to savor the essence of a classic comfort food while keeping it smart and satisfying. Make them a regular feature in your meal planning, celebrating the satisfaction that comes with Mini Chicken Pot Pies—a perfect blend of indulgence and health-conscious delight.

When life gets busy, it can be difficult to find the time to make a nutritious meal. However, that’s where these Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies come in – they’re the perfect solution for a quick and satisfying dinner.


1 or 2 cans of refrigerated biscuits
1/2 lb of boneless, skinless chicken breast
1 bag of frozen peas and carrots
1 can of cream of chicken soup
Salt and pepper
Cooking spray


1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and grease your muffin tin.

2. Cut the chicken breast into small, bite-sized pieces. Cook them over medium-high heat until they are no longer pink. Feel free to add your preferred spices during cooking (onion powder or salt), but you can use any seasonings you prefer. Once cooked, remove the chicken from heat.

3. Combine the frozen peas and carrots along with the cream of chicken soup in the same pan used for cooking the chicken. Set the mixture aside.

4. Open the cans of refrigerated biscuits and flatten them until they become thin enough to fit into the muffin cups.

5. Fill each biscuit with the chicken and vegetable mixture, and place them in the prepared muffin tin.

6. Bake the filled biscuits in oven for 30 mins or until the biscuits turn golden brown.

7. Serve!

Pro Tip: You can freeze the leftover portion of the chicken mixture for up to 2 months to use in another meal.

These Easy Mini Chicken Pot Pies are so simple to make, and they’re packed with flavor and nutrition. They’re perfect for a busy weeknight dinner or even as a fun addition to a party spread. Give them a try – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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